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BSAV Inverter Air Compressor




 High efficiency: owning to highly precise machine tools with high machining precision which enables direct coupling so as to have the highest efficiency in the same class of air compressor

 High reliability: body designed by Fusheng that internal parts are provided with high precision for low operational speed and long lifecycle of bearing, which is provided with high reliability for product design

 Saving energy: Through FUZZY feedback control system for specialized inverter controller, it can be automatically controlled in accordance with actual situations to greatly reduce operational costs more than 30%

 Environmental compliance: FS-8000 lubricant that is environmental friendly, free of poison, odor, heavy metal impurity, without any issue for secondary processes and derived costs, compliant to environmental requirements

 Stepless adjustment for capacity: capacity adjustable range up to 40-100%

 High stable pressure: inverter controls the fluctuation of exhaust pressure, 0.1kg/cm, without unstable pressure caused by traditional pressure switches, applicable to the scenario for requiring stability.

 High air quality: with oil fine separator in high precision to control oil content under 3PPM

 Comprehensive applications: easy to adapt variations in response to the requirements of air delivery in various periods