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ZW Inverter Oil Free Comp






High efficiency

    Directly coupling without loss of kinetics, with low operational temperature that approaches isothermal compression for the highest compression efficiency in the same class of air compressor

 High reliability

    With body originated from Japan, made of anti-rust materials (copper alloy and stainless steel) for long lifecycle of operation

Energy saving

    Through FUZZY feedback control with specialized inverter controller, system can automatically control in accordance with actual situations to greatly reduce operational costs more than 30%.

 Environmental Compliance  

    Water produced by water maker for lubrication to lubricate air end without lubricant, which make compressed air cleaner that get rid of pollution and subsequent maintenance issues.

Stepless capacity adjustment

    Applied with smart inverter controlling system to change the operations in accordance with the usage by clients with capacity adjustable range up to 10~100%

High stable pressure

    The fluctuation of exhaust pressure controlled by inverter within +- 0.1kg/cm, without unstable pressure caused by traditional pressure switches, applicable to various requirements in industries.

High air quality

    Compressed air through Watew Flush can guarantee 100% oil free, and dehydrated compressed air can be provided for prolonging lifecycle of equipment at rear end.

Comprehensive applicable extent

    Applicable to industries, such as food, medicine, high technology, and electronics, to instantly output air delivery in response to various air delivery required by clients


Active Type Controller

      (FIT controller)


 Colorful touch screen HMI for information of air compressor system clear at a glance, getting rid of traditional small screen with complicate operations

 Compliant with IP65 & NEMA4 specifications and certificated by CE & UL

● Guidance screen and button configuration

● Digitally displaying operational data and trend diagram (pressure, temperature, voltage, current, and hours)

● Automatic start and stop

● Provided with interlocking function for communicating multiple units (up to 16 units)