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SAV inverter compressor(50HP↓)


3rd Generation High Efficiency Screw Type       
Advance Tooth Shape:
  • Asymmetric tooth, main rotor five teeth, and sub rotor 6 teeth.
  • Gaps between teeth are small. The losses are small.
  • Thermal efficiency is higher than 4-to-6 teeth around 10%~12%, and energy saved 25%. 

Sophisticated Machining Equipment:

    Machining equipment is professional high precision machining machine to ensure the machining precision required by design.  Screw rotors are milled and grinded in machining precision up to 0.005mmwith roughness on the surface of tooth up to Ra0.1~0.2μmm. 


Rigorous Design:

    Optimized rotor design with smaller long diameter thus small bending stress for low rotation speed, low noise, and long life. Rotor precise machining and dynamic balance test integrated heavy-dutybearing with integral enclosure in high machining precision to ensure the concentricity of screws and the parallelism of gaps between rotorsfor increasing the efficiency of compression.


Patent from many countries for the

shape of the teeth on rotor:

 U.S. Patent NO.4.890.992

 U.K. Patent NO.2.230.563B

 Japan Patent NO.2.008.216

 China Patent NO.82821